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what animal is the keeper of the library
what 2 things can only the avatar do besides energy bending and bending four elements
in what episode does Princess Yue die
in which book does the group discover the day of black sun,appa gets stolen,and toph becomes part of the group
what bender is Sozin
how did Ursa get banished
which avatar episode do we learn how Omashu got it's name
in which episode does the gang battle a volcano
who did zuko disguise himself as when he freed aang and appa stole from a rich person attacked a warrior and stole food
who almost killed Zuko
last episode we see the cabbage merchant
which episode was Aang's first time going into the Avatar State
how many Avatars are there including aang
what did Aang almost die of
how many episodes are there in season 2
name all the charaters in the main group in season 2 in order
what is Iroh's favorite tea
what color is Azula's fire
true or false:Appa was stolen in the series
who is Sokka's sword master
where is Jet's death and Appa's return located
which episode is the only time we don't see Aang Katara Sokka or Toph
what does Sokka think a giant cloud of sand is in the episode The Desert
who is older Toph or Aang
how many girlfriends did or does Sokka have
who are the 2 members of Azula's group
which air temple do we first see guru pathik
which fire sage betrayed zhao
who was the first waterbender
what is the name of the last part in sozins comet
which episode is the face stealer from
what are the names of the moon and ocean spirit
how many times did aang go into the avatar state in the series not including his past lives
in which episode does zuko almost die from a ship explosion
what does June ride on
what episode is this comment from (yeah you two were pretty much jerks)
what is the earth king's name
how many times do we see Bato
what food did King Bumi eat after the gang was taken to their chamber
who gave Zuko his scar
what color was yue's hair when she was born
where was the invasion's submirines blown up
who was master Pakku supposed to marry
what is zuko's code name in the earth kingdom
who killed Kya
what is Toph's fighting name
what did Sokka name a baby mooselion
in which episode did Iroh celebrate his dead son's birthday
what almost penetrated the walls of Ba Sing Se
which season did Roku die and Aang's staff was destroyed
which couple on avatar is real tokka zutara or kataang
what is the name of the person controlling the swamp monster
who killed Jet
what is the name of the baby that follows momo which leads to the governor making a trade for king bumi
what color are the Kyoshi Warriors's fans
who was the first earthbender
name wn earthbenders from earth rumble six in order of when they where introduced not including ones who never had their name introduced
which element did aang struggle with the most
what id Hama invent
what did the gang use to deafeet Zuko Iroh June and Nyla
is Teo blind handicapped deaf or has permenant hypothermia
what didp the father of the boy who gave appa hay at the circus want to get as a snack
what fancy thing owned by the earth king did the gang bust down
what was the 2nd chakra
what is the largest canyon in the world
who were the only people in the gang to kill someone
what is the name of the famous magic trick in the Fire Nation
complete this comment (Aang needs to have freedom and_)
what does Zuko's speacial knife say
who had said IM COMPLETELY CALM! and showed a wild face
who tried to get Aang into the Avatar State by making Katara sink into the ground
what is the name of the baby that is born on The Serpants Pass
what did professor Zei order at the misty palms owasis
what did Sokka chop down to get away from Master Piandao
is The Painted Lady a spirit an animal a person or a bending trick
on the wheel of punishment what did Aang land on
the sun warriors were shown in which episode
what did Aang show the spirit of the forest to calm it down
who slipped when sokka told the gang to act natural in Imprisoned
who won the fight in The Southern Air Temple

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