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Henry Hill, Buck Weaver, and the others battle the weather as the search for a murderer on the premises.
Ransom Stoddard fights the good fight against corruption in the nation's capital while Babe Bennet shows him the ropes.
Malcolm Crowe is protecting Bartleby Gaines while they try to stop an electronic armageddon.
Simon Templar and Claus Von Stauffenberg fight like dogs until they team up to repel an assault.
Martin Riggs is a man on a mission fighting for the Cause and to avenge his son's death at the hands of Lucius Malfoy.
Robert Langdon, Bill Harding, and Valentine McKee run into quite the problem on their mission requiring some help from Lt. Dan Taylor.
Shoeless Joe Jackson finds himself in over his head in the life he always wanted and Vito Corleone pays the consequences.
Walt Kowalski and Julia Child find a forbidden romance as they tour the county taking pictures.
In an act of desperation, Stanley Ipkiss and Deborah Clasky turn to robbing banks to pay their insurmountable debt.
Ellis Redding and The Joker share a hospital room and then an amazing experience in the twilight of their lives.
Bruce Banner must defend his city at all costs after Balian de Ibelin steals Hamish Campbell's girl.
Howard Hughes tries to hunt down terrorism despite Ben Wade's antics back home.
Linus Caldwell turns out to be a genius with a rough background and needs some help from Patch Adams to turn his life around.
Thomas Crowne fights for God and country for revenge only to find out the enemy is actually his fallen friend, Boromir.
Zachary 'Sack' Lodge and his friends spend day and night trying to locate their lost, soon-to-be betrothed friend, Riley Poole.
Steve Freeling and Penny Wharvey McGill struggle with the strain placed on their lives as ordinary people.
Buddy the Elf has to do everything he can to save his franchise while Carson Wells fights to improve teamwork.
Everything falls apart for Beanie Campbell and Polly Prince, and they soon find there's no way to put them back together.
Homer Hickam gets caught in a monumental storm so Cap Rooney comes to rescue him.
Wladyslaw Szpilman finds courage he never knew he had as he goes deep into the jungle to save Anna Ivanovna from the beast.

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