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Roy Hobbs has to play the politics game to rescue Benjamin Button from his captors.
Tom Hagen and Alfred Pennyworth are eccentric uncles looking after Forrest Gump Jr.
Mace Windu has to guide John McClane while he finds a very durable secret about himself.
Agent Gracie Hart has to keep up the pace while Neo tries to diffuse the situation.
Ulysses Everett McGill has to rip off Tony Montana in order to pay back Agent George Stone.
Ron Burgundy and Napoleon Dynamite have to team up to win gold!
Bernie Focker has to figure out his future while he wrestles with an affair with Annie Sullivan
Sergeant Nicholas Angel has to find some courage to fight off the undead.
Evan Baxter teams up with Mia Thermopolis to defeat evil forces and topple the Scorpion King.
Daniel Plainview and Frank Abagnale struggle for control of the Big Apple.
Happy Gilmore comes down with an illness and enlists Dale Denton to take care of him.
Entrepenuer, Qui-Gon Jinn learns the value of life after watching Lord Voldemort destroy so many.
Ray Kinsella, with some help from Alex Cross, set up shop in the woods with the needy with some funds from the rich.
Colin Sullivan and A.J, Frost try to dupe God on their way to heaven.
Travis Bickle has to go into therapy with the unsuspecting, Mike Wazowski
Martin Q. Blank and Selene spend their lives trying to track each other down after one fateful night.
Antonio Corelli must resolve a hostage situation, but he needs James Bond's help to get inside.
James Braddock works to maintain control on the open seas despite disputes with Geoffrey Chaucer and bring hunted by the French.
Charlie Wilson and Amelie Poulain have to follow the clues to solve the greatest cover up in human history.
Frank Lucas investigates whether or not Sally Albright deserves the highest honor awarded to a soldier.

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