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Bagger Vance and Roscoe Jenkins team up to uncover an ecstasy operation.
Aragorn goes undercover to bring down the Russian mob.
Han Solo is on the run trying to evade Agent K
Batman competes with Wolverine for the finest trick.
Senator Finisterre has his wife kidnapped by Mr. Pink while Linda Litzke tries to uncover the truth.
White Goodman challenges Lightning McQueen to see who is more really, really, ridiculously good looking.
Vito Corleone wresltes with his conscience about being a stool pigeon and bringing down the corrupt union.
Coach Herman Boone works to talk down Theo Faron from an escalating hostage situation.
Van Wilder and Stella Oleson try to survive life inside a haunted house.
Forrest Gump goes on a suicide mission to bring Jason Bourne back to his mommy.
Ben Gates and Lara Croft bring together a team to committ grand theft auto.
Hudson Hawk loses his shoes and drops Severus Snape out of a window trying to save his wife.
Jack Ryan and Hannibal Lecter are fighting over the same woman until their plane goes down, and they have to depend on each other to survive.
Dave Boyle works for years to break out with a little help from Lucius Fox.
John Nash fights for his life and a chance to avenge his murdered family at the hands of Johnny Cash
Maverick has to get the truth out of Jack Torrance
John Constantine finds out about the real world from Cole Williams.
Ben Stone and Laura Bush have to pay the bills by making some off-color productions.
Vassili Zaitsev flies around searching for his friend and trying to solve a mystery with a little help from his reporter 'friend', Pepper Potts.
Charlie Chaplin puts on his armored suit to fight the greedy Jeff Lebowski.

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