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The last name of the family in 'The Godfather
The state the troopers protect in 'Supertroopers'
The planet 'Avatar' takes place on
The trouble-making fraternity in 'Animal House'
The Normandy beach Captain Miller storms in 'Saving Private Ryan'
The sport Grahm Hess holds two records in in 'Signs'
Oren Ishii's gang in 'Kill Bill: Vol. 1'
The meal that got everyone sick in 'Airplane'
The name of the underground laboratory in 'Resident Evil'
The hospital the Joker destroys in 'The Dark Knight'
The final deadly sin illustrated in 'Seven'
The name of Aldus Snow's band in 'Forgetting Sarah Marshall'
The name of the college Van attends in 'Van Wilder'
The name of the competing software company in 'Office Space'
The fictional killer Exley creates to represent all unsolved cases in 'L.A. Confidential
The name of the high school in 'Varsity Blues'
The name of the American submarine Jack Ryan boards in 'The Hunt for Red October'
The last name Slevin gives the police in 'Lucky Number Slevin'
Maverick's RIO in the final mission of 'Top Gun'
The name of the fictional sci-fi movie Jeff and Nick are trying to include cigarettes into in 'Thank You for Smoking'

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