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Ron Burgundy's news channel in 'Anchorman'2004
The university John Nash attends in 'A Beautiful Mind'2001
Maxwell Smart's agent number in 'Get Smart'2008
James Bond's winning hand in 'Casino Royale'2006
Hugh Grant's profession in 'Love Actually'2003
The university Rudy plays football for in 'Rudy'1993
The city being defended in 'Kingdom of Heaven'2005
The mentoring program in 'Role Models'2008
The name of the pub Shaun goes to in 'Shaun of the Dead'2004
Pete Mitchel's call sign in 'Top Gun'1986
The type of buidling the survivors stayed in 'Dawn of the Dead'2004
The city Nemo ends up in in 'Finding Nemo'2003
The judge for Derek and Hansel's walkoff in 'Zoolander'2001
The name of the virus that takes over the United Kingdom in '28 Days Later'2002
The epic World War II battle that provides the backdrop for 'Enemy at the Gates'2001
The company Chuck Noland works for in 'Cast Away'2000
The airport under attack in 'Die Hard 2'1990
Aldo Raine's nickname in 'Inglourious Basterds'2009
The cartoon monkey featured in 'Supertroopers'2001
The Bible book Andy hides his rock hammer inside in 'The Shawshank Redemption'1994

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