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Can you name the Greek mythological creatures?

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God of lightning bolts and king of the gods
Goddess of marriage and queen of the gods
God of the Underworld
God of the Sea
Goddess of the hearth
Goddess of Agriculture
Messenger of the gods
Goddess of Love
Goddess of wisdom and strategy
God of celebration and wine
God of music, healing, plague, and the sun
Goddess of the hunt and the moon
Handicapped God of metalworking
God of war
Mother Earth
Father Sky
King of the Titans
Wife of King of the Titans
1st wife of God of the lightning bolts and king of the gods
Titan who can tell the feature and the creator of mankind; gave fire to mankind
God of love, son of goddess of love, shoots love arrows, roman name is Cupid
Queen of the Underworld
Greatest mortal Greek soldier, fought in Trojan War
Son of king of the gods and Alcmene, one of the greatest Greek hero's ever. Has his own Disney movie
Slayer of the Gorgon, great Greek hero

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