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Can you name the correct response for each hint from the song 'What's Your Fantasy' by Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges?

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Forced Order
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I want to get you in this building.
At this specific location.
While this is occurring.
Alternately, if you like it in the club we could do it here.
Or here.
If you wish, we could have whipped cream with two fruits on top. These are my preferences.
I would advise keeping the doors locked and not knocking while this occurs.
We go-bots and robots, so the others will have to wait until this happens
If none of those options appeals to you, we could do here.
My thigh-licking prowess has often earned me this appellation.
We could use a table top, or you could just give me one of these.
Any location is acceptable, whether it be the Rock, the Park, the Point, or even these.
It has often been said about me, 'That man is...' this.
We might exclaim 'Whoo!' in this location.
Or here.
However you want it is perfectly acceptable, lover, yet I insist I must do this.
Firstly, I cast them. Secondly, I pass them. Thirdly, I do this.
Unfortunately, in the event that it is not good, I do this
While others might stash them, I do this.
Afterward, they tell me their fantasies. This location, for instance.
In any event, please tell your boyfriend this.

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