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DefintionGovernment Term
the bicameral, legislative body of the government
a congressman who is already in power, generally win if they run for reelection.
Federal projects, grants, and contracts available to state and local governments, businesses, colleges, and other institutions in a congressional district
activities of congressmen to help their constituents as individuals, cutting the red tape
having two houses, in regards to the US Congress it is the separation between the House and the Senate
the committee that reviews bills coming from a House committee before it goes to the full House
A senate strategy to use the right to unlimited debate to “talk a bill to death”
separate, subject-matter committees, that handle bills in their respective policy areas
A committee that is a combination of Representatives and Senators
DefintionGovernment Term
a committee formed when the House and Senate pass contradicting bills
committees formed for specific reasons such as investigating the Watergate scandal
when voters support congressional candidates because of their support for the president
the ability to mail newsletters to every household in their constituency
when states gain or lose House representatives due to a census
when the boundaries of a district are changed after a census
a vote to stop a filibuster, requires 60 votes
when a congressman supports someone elses bill in return for support on theirs

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