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Can you name the Derivated Roman gods from Greek gods?

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Forced Order
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Greek GodRoman GodRough description
ZeusRuler of the gods
PoseidonRuler of the sea
HermesMessenger god
AresGod of war
ArtemisGod of transitions(she's a virgin)
HeraQueen of the gods
ApolloGod of music
DemeterGoddess of fertility, grain, and agriculture
HephaestusGod of Volcanos(Ugliest god but not the god of ugliness, there is no such thing)
Greek GodRoman GodRough description
HestiaGoddess of chastity and first born of Olympian gods
AphroditeGoddess of beauty, love, and, of course, sexuality
AthenaGoddess of intelligence
HadesLord of the underworld
Cronus Father of Zeus and son of Uranus
Persephone Queen of the underworld
ErisGoddess of discord(huge hint right here)
ErosGod of love

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