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Two brothers, Palamon and Arcite fight for a woman
A rather funny tale involving a carpenter, her wife, and a student of astrology
A tale about miller who deceives his students, and was deceive in return
An unfinished tale with leading character Perkin Reveller
A tale about Constance, the daughter of a Roman emperor
A tale about a knight who seeks what women want the most
A tale about a summoner who blackmails an old widow by serving false summons
A tale about a friar who has no shame cajoling churchly donations
A tale about a Marquis named Walter
A tale about a sixty-year old knight seeking marriage
An unfinished tale about magical presents. including a ring, a war-horse, a miror, and a sword
A tale involving Arvigus, his wife Dorigen, and a squire named Aurelius
A tale about Virginius and Virginia; father and daughter
A tale involving three young men with the quest of finding, stop and kill death
A tale about a merchant, his wife, and a Monk named Dan John
A hymn to Mary and Jesus, Christianity, motherhood and anti-Semitism
A tale about a knight who wishe to love a fairie queen
A tale about a man whose wife and daugther were beaten by his ennemies
A narration about leaders falling down
A tale about a rooster living in the yard of a widow
A tale about the life of St Cecilia
A tale about the trickery of canons
A Tale involving Phoebus and his wife
A Tale about Penitence

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