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Forced Order
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Nat Turner's Rebellion
Beginning of Protestant Refor; Martin Luther
U.S.S Maine sinks in Havana Harbor
Populist Party formed
Articles of Confederation approved
South Carolina secedes
Alien and Sedition Acts
Common Sense published by Thomas Paine
Pontiac's Revolt
Marbury vs. Madison decision
Wounded Knee
Edison invents the light bulb
House of Burgesses established
King Charles I executed
John Marshall becomes Chief Justice
Republican Party formed
Louis XVI executed in France
Pinckney Treaty
Cherokee Nation v. Georgia
Dawes Act
Halfway Covenant established in New England
Pendleton Civil Service Act
George I takes throne
13th Amendment ends slavery
Reconstruction ends
Powhatan Confederacy attacks Virginia settlers
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
Elizabeth I becomes queen
Chinese Exclusion Act
Kansas-Nebraska Act
Coxey’s Army
Lord North becomes British Prime Minister
Lewis and Clark expedition
XYZ affair
Hawaii annexed by U.S.
Columbus 'discover' America
Theodore Roosevelt becomes president
California gold rush
Transcontinental railroad completed
First Bank of United States chartered
Whiskey Rebellion
Lexington and Concord
Tea Act
Dwight L. Moody begins urban revivalism a movement
Lincoln assassinated
Treaty of Greenville
Judiciary Act
Dred Scott decision
Ostend Manifesto
Hartford Convention
Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia
Upton Sinclair writes The Jungle
George Whitfield begins preaching in America
Monroe Doctrine
First Continental Congress
Roanoke Island colony established
Bunker Hill
Missouri compromise
Annexation of Texas
“Bleeding Kansas”
Haymarket Square bombing in Chicago
French Revolution begins
Trail of Tears
Bill of Rights approved
Pres. Garfield assassinated
Sherman Antitrust Act;
John Quincy Adams wins Corrupt Bargain presidential election
Roger Williams establishes Rhode Island colony
Haiti takes independence from France
Sugar Act
Alaska purchased from Russia
Intolerable Acts
Stono rebellion in North Carolina
Virginia and Kentucky resolutions
Declaration of Independence
Glorious Revolution in England
Louisiana Purchase
Pennsylvania established by William Penn
Jamestown colony founded
Great Awakening begins
French and Indian war begins
14th Amendment passed
Jay Treaty
Stamp Acts
US declares war on Mexico
Sherman Silver Purchase Act
Charles II becomes king
Tariff of Abominations
Jefferson defeats Adams for presidency
Boston massacre
Texas independence fight
Albany plan of union
Treaty of Ghent ends War of 1812
Commonwealth v. Hunt legalizes unions
Currency Act
Chesapeake-Leopard incident
Battle of Tippecanoe
Lincoln elected president
Massachusetts Bay colony founded
Seneca Falls statement of women's rights
Pullman strike
Plymouth colony founded
Boxer Rebellion in China
Boston Tea Party

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