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Can you name the Various Names By Which Homer Simpson Has Been Known?

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Hid his identity to investigate the truth 
Felt embarassed to call himself his old name anymore. 
___ _____: that's his name. That name again is ____ ____ 
Caped Crusader of Pastries 
Witness Protection Name 
Prohibition called, this man responded 
Short-lived cartoon character 
Homer's fake ID 
Names He Has Tried to Call Himself
Given when they wanted a real name 
Given as a fake name 
To impress Marge on their first date 
Possible Name Change 
Possible Name Change 
He needed a babysitter 
To get onto a rock in a Treehouse of Horror. Only Celebrities were allowed on. 
Possible Name Change 
At the mail office, didn't think it all the way through 
'Only three people matter: Homer, Homer J Simpson, and ______ ______ (AKA Me)' 
When Homer's particularly effeminate 
Generally, by Bart 
Generally, by Marge 
As a mascot 
Homer post-protest 
Homer's repsonse to El Barto 
Bounced Checks Hanging in the Kwik-E-Mart
Real Name 
Farther from real, but close 
I guess, technically his real name 
Anyone could make that mistake... 
No explanation 

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