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In what year was The Beano first published?
What is the name of The Beano's publisher?
Who was the first cover star?
Who is Biffo's sidekick?
What is Lord Snooty's butler called?
Which artist created Minnie the Minx?
What is the Bash Street School cat called?
What was the name of Roger the Dodger's pet crow?
What is the name of Little Plum's tribe?
What is the name of Dennis's next-door neighbour?
Which of the Numskulls controls the nose?
Which artist created Lord Snooty?
What is the name of the school bully in Roger the Dodger?
Which artist created Jonah?
What is the name of Billy Whizz's brother?
Which character from Little Plum was given a strip of his own in 1972?
What are the colours of Ball Boy's current football strip?
What were the colours of Ball Boy's original football strip?
In what year did Dennis the Menace become the regular cover star?
What is the Bash Street School caretaker called?
What is Minnie the Minx's cat called?

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