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DescriptionAlbum TitleArtist
Yellowish X-Ray of a broken skeleton
Cartoon children playing hopscotch towards the edge of a cliff
Two old trucks humping
Black background with shoes on fire, part of a red jumpsuit can be seen
A blackened out man's body with several different pictures of eyes and teeth inside the blackened body
A dark blue sky with an electric chair in the background
A woman's face with honey and bees in and around her mouth
A three legged dog
DescriptionAlbum TitleArtist
A smoking, cartoon cat's head against a lime green background
The singer dressed in a tuxedo holding a top hat with various insects in the background
An orangish brown screen with binary code (1's and 0's) on it
The singer's head with a very bloody nose and mouth against a black background
A large sculpture of the band's logo (a golden flame) sits on grey sand
A carnival ride called 'The Swinger' shot from below at dusk
A picture from the 60's in front of a motel with everyone's eyes covered by a black censor bar

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