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What is the name of the kid that Turtle played in the Fight Night Tournament?
Who directed the Chinese energy drink commercial for Vince?
How much did Vince spend on the Fukijama shoes for Turtle?
What actor lived in the house Vince bought originally owned by Marlon Brando?
What college did Ken, Drama's masseuse, go to?
What was Drama's first international commerical?
What is the lock combination on Drama's bathroom door in his condo?
What kind of shots does Seth Green offer the Boys from Queens?
What year did Ari graduate from law school?
What is Mrs. Gold's first name?
How much did Alan Gray offer Vince for the Aquaman sequel?
What college did Lloyd go to for undergrad?
Where did Lloyd go for his MBA?
How old was Billy Wlash when he first won Sundance?
What celebrity did E and Vince find out about the Medellin trailer leak from?
Who is the celebrity that drives the RV to Joshua Tree?
Who is the director that E gives Vince's SmokeJumper footage to while in New York?
Who gets thrown out of the Playboy Mansion after Drama sneaks in?
What director Terrence tell Vince he can set him a meeting with after skeet shooting?
What is the name of the club promoter that says Leo is going to be doing Aquaman?

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