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Can you name the Movie based on the Character, city, and item?

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LetterMovieCharacter, city, item
ASnowflake, Miami, Ballerina outfit
BWillie Stokes, Phoenix, Stuffed elephant
CGraham Waters, LA, Statuette of Saint Christopher
DPaul Kersey, NYC, Revolver
EBuck Weaver, Chicago, Signed confessions
FNathan R. Jessep, Washington DC, A rag
GLucilla, Rome, Two small figurines
HThomas Hart, Augsburg, Radio
IMike Morris, Cincinnati, Cell Phones
JAlan Parrish, Keene, New Hampshire, Board game
KRoy Munson, Reno, Championship ring
LJohn Smith, Jericho, Crucifix
MJake Taylor, Cleveland, Voodoo doll
LetterMovieCharacter, city, item
NKip, Preston, Idaho, Campaign T-shirt
ORusty Ryan, Las Vegas, Hooker Ad's
PHoward Saint, Tampa, Tombstone
QEllen 'The Lady', Redemption, Badge
RJed Eckert, Calumet, Colorado, Tracking device
SBilly Loomis, Woodsboro, Mask
TBryan Mills, Paris, Tape recorder
UDavid Dunn, Philadelphia, Secruity jacket
VEvey Hammond, London, Rose
WDavid Lightman, Seattle, Computer
XLogan, North Salem, NY, Rubber gloves
YWilliam Bonney, Lincoln, Warrants
ZRobert Graysmith, San Francisco, Letters

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