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Milford Sound in New Zealand
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Identify country #1
Identify country # 2
Identify country #3
Identify country #4
Identify country #5
Identify country #6
Identify country #7
Identify country #10
Identify country #12
Identify country #16
Identify country #17
Identify country #21
Identify country #22
Identify city A
Identify city E
Identify city K
Identify city L
What country is experiencing a Zaidi Shiite rebellion?
Name the sea directly east of #9
The president of #15 must, by law, be of what faith?
The eastern part of #5 is dominated by what ethnic group?
The majority of the residents of city B speak what language?
Petra can be found in what country?
What ancient wonder of the world was situated near present-day 'I' city?
The main export of country 18 is?
The name of city H is derived from Ankuwash, a name given by what empire?
In 1993, what country gained independence. It is the youngest nation on this map.
Which two countries recieved the bulk of American military aid?
City G is commonly known as Ash-Shaam? What is the English name?
Identify city D... It is famous among Shiites for holding the remains of the 8th imam
QuestionAnswerExtra Info
Name the Colonial Occupier of country 19
Name the Colonial Occupier of country 6
Baloch Seperatists have been calling for an autonomous homeland. Name one country which will be affected.
Hajj pilgrimes first arrive in city J before embarking on their journey. Identify city J
Mount Hermon is the highest mountain in what country?
Who is the president of country 2?
This country is currently embroiled in a movement known as the Green Revolution
Hosni Mubarak is the leader of what country?
The Mahdi declared a jihad against Egyptian occupation over which country?
The national epic of country 1 which was written by Ferdowsi is?
The famous Al-Aqsa mosque is located in what # country?
The Darfur conflict is taking place in what country?
The capital of country 15 was named by what seafaring ancient civilization?
Name any past president of country #7.
What country is the most populous on this map?
City F sprawls around which river?
Camp Virginia and Camp Arifjan are US miltary bases in which country?
Samarkhand and Bukhara were centers of Islamic learning in the Middle Ages. These cities are located in what country?
The Crusaders established the famous Krak des Chevaliers Castle in what country?
The news network Al Jazeera is headquatered in what country?
About half a million people in northern Iraq follow a pre-Islamic faith which is symbolized a peacock angel. What is this faith?
The majority of Pakistan's people live in this state which translated means 'Land of Five Rivers'
The Bin Laden family traces its orgins to the Hadramaut region of what country?
Noah's Ark is believed to have settled near the peak of Mt. Ararat which is located in what country?
Masoumeh Ebtekar became first female vice president of what country?
The holy text of the Zoroastrian faith are written in what language?
Name a where English is the official language
This city is known as Nesf e jahan or 'half of the world'.
This city was sacked in 1258 by the Mongols.
100,000 Italian colonists settled in this country during the 1930s which they called Colonia Primigenia

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