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What is Baekhyun's favourite song in the new winter album 'Sing For You' ?
Who had a solo song called 'You Are The One' ?
He was featured in Shinee's Taemin song called 'Pretty Boy'
Chen's OST for the drama Its Okay, Thats Love is..
Krystal of f(x) acted in a movie together with ____
Which member had the first collaborated song in the year 2016?
The role D.O. played in the drama Its Okay, Thats Love
Who composed the song 'Promise' ?
He was the lead actor in EXO Next Door
What is the title of the solo song, D.O. sang during 'EXOPLANET: THE LOST PLANET
Kai did ballet when they were giving ______ acceptance speech during Seoul Music Awards
Which member had a photoshoot together with Irene of Red Velvet
Suho was in the variety show called ________ together with Shinee's Minho

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