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the principle that behaviour can vary, depending on the type of the object being manipulated
a substitution code that encodes a message by shifting each letter in a message by a constant amount k
visibility of variables and methods: children cannot access them directly
analysis of algorithms with respect to execution time
a sequence of integers that determine how much each character is shifted
: the underlying details of how the collection is coded
how the function grows as n increases
The asymptotic complexity of the function is referred to as the order of the algorithm, and is specified by using
many-to-many cardinality
each item points to the next item
a group of items that we wish to treat as a conceptual unit
a broken line with an open arrow indicates one class ____ another
each item points to the next item and to the previous item
The derived new class
a construct within a programming language, used to implement a collection
what we need in order to interact with the collection, i.e. the operations on the collection
separates the purpose of an entity from its implementation
a set of values and the operations defined on those values
s an array that conceptually loops around on itself
items are organized in a “straight line”
An array has a particular number of cells when it is created
These are the data/properties about an object
An arrow on an association line indicates that one class is _____ from the othe
items in a linked list
constant time, regardless of the size of the problem
a method that does not have an implementation, i.e. it just consists of the header of the method:
a mechanism for deriving a new class from an existing one
a collection of data together with the set of operations on that data. values and operations are not inherently defined in a programming language
a collection whose elements are added and removed from one end, called the top. LIFO
A data structure to hold the data elements
a collection whose elements are added at one end (the rear or tail of the queue) and removed from the other end (the front or head. FIFO
the class where the subclass inherits from
visibility of may be accessed directly by any class in the same package, or by any subclass
Broken line with an arrow indicates that one class______ of the other class UML
visibility of variables and methods: children can access them directly
actions/behaviours of objects
special method that is called automatically when an object is created with the new operator
one-to-many cardinality

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