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QuestionTrue or False?
The methods enqueue(), dequeue(), first(), size(), and isEmpty() from the class LinkedQueue have time complexity O(1).
A Java interface contains an attribute (instance variable) declaration
A child class can override a parent method that is declared as final.
If two object references are equal in state, then they refer to the same object.
Executable code is generally found in interfaces.
Any method in a Java class Y can call public and private methods from X.
The reserved word super can be used in a class to refer to its parent class.
The child of a class can be the parent of one or more classes.
A Java interface should never have a constructor
Polymorphism is made possible through class inheritance
Inherited variables and methods can be used in a derived class as if they had been declared locally
QuestionTrue or False?
A time complexity of for a program means that it will run in constant time.
All Java classes are derived, directly or indirectly, from the Object class.
A static method within a class cannot be invoked without having to instantiate an object of that class.
Polymorphism allows a reference variable to point to objects of unrelated types.
Data encapsulation requires that instance variables be declared as private
A new class X derived from a class Y establishes an is-a relationship from class X to class Y.
Generic types are bound at compile time.
An interface can be used even when it is not implemented by another class.
The time complexity of an algorithm consists of the most dominant term of its growth function.
The objects in a Java program are created when the program is being executed, as opposed to when it is compiled.
The terms parent class, derived class, and base class all mean the same thing.

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