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Way of Getting the NameBand
Members named their new band after a comment that a motorist called out to the lead singer, a beautiful woman.
The band took their name after a friend remarked, 'What a___looking____' The inspiration to add the two sets of umlauts supposedly came from the German beer they were drinking.
Named for a Muddy Waters song.
A Techno-Pop group from Basildon, Essex, England, they took their name from a French fashion magazine.
The manager came up with the name. It was inspired by his punk clothing shop called 'Sex'.
While the group members searched for an appropriate name, guitarist Peter Banks suggested they called the group this, a short positive word.
The Pendletones' name changed after a young promotions worker named Russ Regan changed the band's name to more obviously tie the group in with other surf bands.
The original bassist came up with the name in 1960, which was a play on Buddy Holly's Crickets.
An acronym for the first names of the band members.
Their manager suggested it, the name of a British farmer who, in the mid-1700s, invented the seed drill. Ian Anderson strongly disliked the name, but it stuck.
Way of Getting the NameBand
The band was originally called 'Sparrow', until lead singer John Kay came up the new name after being inspired by a novel by cult author Herman Hesse.
Inspired by a drawing the lead singer made of a cat with no ears
Taken from a newspaper headline describing 'A...With Police'
The guitarist was determined to keep the act going, renaming a new line-up The New Yardbirds. Keith Moon of The Who is rumored to have said 'it'll probably go over like a...
Refers to a tale where a traveler pays a dead mans debts, and buries him. He then is saved later in his journey by the man's ghost.
Starting out in 1961 as The Tradewinds, they finally outgrew that name and chose...after the mythical river that people cross over to go into Hell.
Slang for girls in England, but because the band members did not want to be called the Girls, they came up with a different spelling of the word.
A combination of the last names of drummer and bassist.
The guitarist says that the band, originally known as Pud, were sitting around a breakfast table when a friend said 'why don’t you call yourselves the___ ___
The lead singer of this grunge band wanted a name that was kind of beautiful or nice and pretty, instead of a mean, raunchy, punk-rock name.

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