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Creole, Try Me, I got the voodoo for you bitch!, I don't like your punk ass!
The first girl to beat up 2 girls at the same time and the best reunion ever. Mustard and Cranberry Juice
A lot of jumping went down but a great season over-all and had the best house.
One of the best seasons, it founded one of BGC's most notorious bad girls.
The first great season. POP OFF SON!
A season with a lot of different characters and the first season to go out of L.A.
Sisters are crazy
One girl ran basically the whole season
The replacement was the baddest this season
A forgettable season with a bland cast
The hottest season ever but almost everyone had a bad attitude
The season that should have been amazing but was pretty wack and shows a lot of people's true colours
The only season that had a real 'square up' fight
A scary blonde girl was the only likeable person this season
About 17 replacements and almost every member was a jump-a-hoe
A bunch of boring broke bitches and boujie bitches
A bunch of wack ass jump-a-hoes, a chick from Long Island and a boss from Long Beach

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