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Year Nominated/ Genre/ StarringMovieInitials
1972/ Musical/ Liza MinnelliC
1969/ Comedy/ Ingrid BergmanCF
1953/ Musical/ Doris DayCJ
1978/ Comedy/ Maggie SmithCS
1953/ Musical/ Ethel MermanCMM
1967/ Musical/ Richard HarrisC
1972/ Drama/ Robert RedfordtC
2005/ Biographical/ Philip Seymour HoffmanC
1950/ Drama/ Alan LaddCCUSA
1937/ Adventure/ Spencer TracyCC
1942/ Drama/ Humphrey BogartC
1964/ Short*/ Larry SturhahnCC: 1
1965/ Western/ Jane FondaCB
1946/ Animated*/ William HannatCC
1933/ Drama/ Diana WynyardC
1963/ Documentary*/ Lauro VenturiC
1931/ Drama/ Wallace BeerytC
1949/ Drama/ Kirk DouglasC
1949/ Documentary*/ James L. ShuteaCtL
1997/ Drama/ Fedja van HuêtC
1984/ Animated*/ John MinnisC
1936/ Adventure/ Errol FlynntCotLB
1981/ Drama/ Ben CrossCoF
1968/ Drama/ Cliff RobertsonC
2003/ Documentary*/ Maryann DeLeoCH
2002/ Musical/ Renee ZellwegerC
1965/ Comedy* / Jacques MarintC
1986/ Drama/ Marlee MatlinCoaLG
Year Nominated/ Genre/ StarringMovieInitials
1974/ Neo-Noir/ Jack NicholsonC
1972/ Animated/ Alastair SimaCC
2005/ Adventure/ William MoseleytCoN: tLtWatW
2002/ Animated* / Bradford SimonsentC
1941/ Propaganda/ Stuart LeggCI
1999/ Drama/ Tobey MaguiretCHR
1931/ Western/ Irene DunneC
1989/ Drama/ Jacques PerrinCP
1928/ Comedy/ Charlie ChaplintC
1941/ Drama/ Orson WellesCK
1934/ Documentary* / Stacy WoodardCoW
1991/ Western Comedy/ Billy CrystalCS
1934/ Drama/ Claudette ColbertC
1963/ Drama/ Elizabeth TaylorC
1947/ Documentary*/ Irving AllenCtM
1977/ Science-Fiction/ Richard DreyfussCEotTK
1981/ Documentary*/ Nigel NobleCH
1995/ Animated*/ Nick ParkaCS
1974/ Animated*/ Will VintonCM
1966/ War/ Václav NeckářCWT
1980/ Biography/ Sissy SpacekCMD
1985/ Science-Fiction/ Wilford BrimleyC
2003/ War/ Jude LawCM
1986/ Drama/ Paul NewmantCoM
1936/ Drama/ Edward ArnoldCaGI
1952/ Drama/ Burt LancasterCBLS
1978/ Drama/ Jane FondaCH
1989/ Documentary/ Rob EpsteinCT: SftQ
Year Nominated/ Genre/ StarringMovieInitials
2005/ Thriller/ Ralph FiennestCG
1967/ Drama/ Paul NewmanCHL
1929/ Drama/ Mary PickfordC
2007/ Drama/ Karl MarkovicstC
1936/ Animated* / Walt DisneytCC
1954/ Drama/ Grace KellytCG
2009/ Documentary/ Louise PsihoyostC
1944/ Musical/ Rita HayworthCG
1938/ Western Comedy/ Gary CoopertCatL
1981/ Animated*/ Frédéric BackC
2005/ Drama/ Don CheadleC
1943/ War/ Tyrone PowerCD
1956/ Documentary*/ Donald CampbellCtWB
2009/ Drama/ Jeff BridgesCH
1990/ Animated*/ Nick ParkCC
1973/ Drama/ Harriet AnderssonCaW
1963/ Animation*/ Mel BrookstC
1970/ Drama/ Richard HarrisC
2000/ Action/ Chow Yun-FatCTHD
1971/ Animated*/ Ted PetoktCB
1992/ Thriller/ Stephen ReatCG
2012/ Live Action*/ Fatima PtacekC
2008/ Drama/ Brad PitttCCoBB
1950/ Drama/ José FerrerCdB
1990/ Drama/ Gérard DepardieuCdB
1969/ Documentary*/ Denis SandersC 1

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