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Character/Actor Name Mashup II

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Mashed NameFilmBoth names
M Dench
Vernon DeVito
Robbie McAvoy
George Stewart
Chris Phoenix
Terry Brando
Pepper Paltrow
Ace Carrey
Noah Gosling
Rick Bogart
Tessa Weisz
Frank Tucci
Hoke Freeman
Brandt Hoffman
Frida Hayek
Queen Elizabeth Bonham Carter
Scarlett Leigh
Molly Moore
Anton Bardem
King Leonidas Butler
Derek Norton
Brick Carell
Aileen Theron
Effie Hudson
Griet Johansson
Mashed NameFilmBoth names
Frank Walken
Handsome Bob Hardy
Selene Beckinsale
Elrond Weaving
Lester Spacey
Regan Blair
Barbossa Rush
David Fassbender
Susie Pfeiffer
Mikaela Fox
Dale Rogen
Forrest Hanks
Rusty Pitt
Django Foxx
Wladyslaw Brody
Arthur Gordon-Levitt
Maria Cruz
Tommy Pesci
Aron Franco
Richard Langella
Gale Cox
Celie Goldberg
Red Maguire
Cady Lohan
Margot Mary Kelly

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