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How old is Brian?
The Three Types of Ice Cream at Cheesy Charlies are Vanilla, Chocolate and ...
What is Lois's mothers real name?
What job to Peter have at the Ballpark?
What is the name of Stewie's first Girlfriend??
What disability does Quagmire's brother have?
What is the name of Peter's fishing rival?
Who is the voice of Peter's horse when the Griffins move to Texas?
What Broadway Play did Peter star in?
Who helps Peter's black relative escape from the law?
Who does Peter defeat to win the 3rd grade spelling bee?
What Massachusetts town is the Twinkie factory located in?
What is the statue that Mayor West builds that draws the ire of the town?
What is Stewie's middle name?
What child star does Peter hire to help Carter get back together with his wife?
What clothing item was Kevin Swanson wearing that proved he was lieing about how he left the military?
There is no Peter, only...
What kind of soda does tan Stewie drink?
What comedian takes possesion of the cursed Native American skull?
What skill does Meg possess that Peter tries to exploit into turning her into a star?
When Peter has a genie, what is his second wish?
What does the N.A.A.F.P. stand for?
When Chris is bullied in school, what volunteer organization does he join?
Why did the clown in Mr. Fargas's science class die?
What are the names of Joe's new, pysically active freinds?
What book does Brian have in his saftey deposit box?
What is the name of the Giant Chicken?
Who narrates one of Peter's erotic novels?
Who does Brian have a tatoo of?
Stewie wants to control the weather to eliminate what vegetable?

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