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How well do you know degrassi's couple Eli and Clare?

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Things they did. Answer
Who said 'Then I guess your stuck with me like you said I was stuck with you.'
During their break up was in love with Eli?
What type of car does Eli drive?
What did Eli give Clare to block out the noise?
What date did Eli have the lock to his room set?
What did Eli do during their break up to get back at Clare?
Why did Eli come back to Toronto?
Finish the setence 'You said we weren't a fairytale I'm ___________'?
Who said 'Ask and I appear.'
What is one thing that Eli and Clare have in common. Hint - School
Which one of them is Bipolar?
Things they did. Answer
During whos death did Eli get mad at Clare had cased the second break up?
What were Eli and Clare doing when Adam joking said 'No public affection. Dentenion!'
Who was the bully that Clare went to the Vegas Night dance with?
On their first date what did get?
When Clare and Eli got back together what play did Eli write?
During what play did Eclare have their first kiss?
When Eli and Clare first met what was the thing that Eli broke?
During their break up who did Clare date?
Because Eli was in Drama where did Clare have to go?
Where did Eli and Clare get their matching pircings?
At Eli's graducation who was prom queen?

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