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What results from radiation cooling of the ground and adjacent air?
Where is radiation fog thickest?
Winds between __and__ (in km) per hour are usually associated with advection fog
When is upslope fog created?
What can steam fogs be?
What is another word for precipitation fog?
What does plant life in some arid regions depend on for survival?
When dew point of the air is below freezing, what forms?
Is the rate at which cloud droplets fall fast or slow?
Who was the Bergeron process named after?
Water in a liquid state below 0 celsius (32 farenhieght) is called?
Clouds made entirely of liquid droplets must contain some droplets larger than how many micrometers?
Rain has a diameter of what? (in mm)
What precipitation is in the form of ice crystals?
precipitation containing the very smallest droplets able to reach the ground?

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