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HintAnswerExtra info
Disrupted families
Continued until age
about influence of ____ and factors predicting ___
to document the ____ of offending behaviour
sample taken from
how many brothers and how many families
at age 48 how many interview
what kind of study
information taken from
at age 48 how many had criminal records
no offences peaked at
what age had most offeces
self report showed how many offended (%)
how many chronic offenders (%)
chronic offenders shared
how many with convicted father offended? (%)
how many with non convicted father offended? (%)
risk factor?
what could help prevent offending
Learning from others?
theory was of
Stage 1: criminal behaviour is
stage 2: learnt in ?
stage 3: Priniciple part of learning through
stage 4:learning includes
stage 4 includes
stage 5: direction of motives and drives learnt from
stage 6: become delinquent due to
differential association is-
step 7: differental associations may vary in
stage 8: learning is the same as
stage 9: criminal behaviour cant be explained by
Wikstrom and Tafel
Students used
type of study
how info collected
crimes studied
how many 1 crime in year 2000 % (male then female)
offenders more likely to
how many male and female serious crime of theft (%)
how many reproted caught for last crime
HintAnswerExtra info
explanatory factor
small group, high number serious offence
rarely offend if low risk lifesyle, often offend if high risk
well adjusted youths
thinking patterns in criminals
aim to understand the
establish techniques to
from where?
type of study
interviewed when
type of questions asked
told to stop
improve behaviour by
criminals are
requests from teachers and parents are
how many genuinley changed out of 30
how many thinking errors discovered
how many categoires
first category
second category
third category
Stages of moral development
to find support of
how many boys used aged 7,10,13 and 16
each boy given
how many dillemas to solve
some given interviews on what intervals
cross cultural studies in
younger boys (under 10) at stage
older boys at stage
no support for what stage
consistency in cross cultural studeis?
stage 1
stage 2
stage 3
stage 4
stage 5
stage 6
social congintion
examine relationship between
how many criminals used
what offences
HintAnswerExtra info
asked to fill out
three types of attribution were
most guilty feeling attribution for what group?
what %
little difference in
highest external blame for what group
what %
which group lowest in all 3?
only significant difference to english sample?
was there high consisency for way blame attributed?
Brain Dysfunction
Understand what in children
A 'what' of articles was conducted
covering what?
Found what in heart rate in antisocial children
had a what temprement
pre frontal lobe activity was
also effects behaviour
what reverses biological defect
study in genetic abnormality
case study on family with
violent behaviour includes
how many studied/
what was taken in sample
what was analysed in samples
What enzyme were males lacking
IQ generally
MAOA does what
Which chromosome showed point mutuation
gives indicator to what?
Who investigated intra-sexual competition(/gender/risk taking behviour)?
took infomation about life expectancy from what records
data about homocide rates from
a 'what' of life expectancy and homocide rates
local life expectancy ranged from
Homocide rates were dependant on
Homocide rates vaired from how many per 100,000 people
what was the relationship between life expectance and homicide rates
what also correlated with life expectancy
young men with shorter life expectancy take part in
explained by
also social factors including (which differ for women)

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