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Forced Order
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Title of PieceStyleArtist
Hunters in the SnowPieter Bruegel the Elder 1565
Saying GraceChardin 1740
Calling of Saint MatthewCaravaggio 1597-1601
The Gross ClinicEakins 1875
facade of Saint PetersMaderno 1606-1612
The NightmareFuseli 1781
The SwingFragonard 1766
Tiger HuntDelacroix 1854
Mrs. Richard Brinsley SheridanGainsborough 1787
Netherlandish ProverbsPieter Bruegel the Elder 1559
Christ with the Sick Around Him, Receiving His ChildrenRembrandt 1649
Insane WomanGericault 1822-1823
Feast of Saint NicholasSteen 1660-1665
Mother of GracchiKauffman 1785
Cupid a CaptiveBoucher 1754
The LetterVermeer 1666
Four ApostlesDurer 1526
Still Life in the StudioDaguerre 1837
The French AmbassadorsHolbein 1533
The Horse FairBonheur 1853-1855
Triumph of the BarberiniCortona 1633-1639
Allegory of the Art of PaintingVermeer 1670-1675
Saturn Devouring One of his ChildrenGoya 1819-1823
DavidBernini 1623
Lord HeathfieldReynolds 1787
Burial of Count OrgazEl Greco 1586
Liberty Leading the PeopleDelacroix 1830
Conversion of Saint PaulCaravaggio 1601
Raft of MedusaGericault 1818-1819
Title of PieceStyleArtist
Judith Slaying HolofernesGentileschi 1614-1620
The Sleep of Reason Produces MonstersGoya 1798
Grande OdalisqueIngres 1814
Night Watch Rembrandt 1642
Coronation of NapoleonDavid 1805-1808
Rue TransnonianDaumier 1834
Abbey in the Oak ForestFriedrich 1810
The Slave ShipDaumier 1840
Archers of Saint HadrianHals 1633
OpheliaMillais 1852
Burial of AtalaGirodet 1808
Louis XIVRiigaud 1701
Maids of HonorVelazquez 1656
Consequences of WarRubens 1638-1639
The GleanersMillet 1857
Saint PetersBernini 1656-1667
Knight, Death, and the DevilDurer 1513
Isenheim AltarpieceGrunewald 1510-1515
The Stone BreakersCourbet 1849
Elevation of the CrossRubens 1610
Ecstacy of Saint TeresaBernini 1645-1652
L'IndifferentWatteau 1716
Fall of ManDurer 1504
Village BrideGreuze 1761
Self-PortraitLeyster 1630
OlympiaManet 1863
Charles I DismountedVan Dyck 1635
Breakfast SceneHogarth 1745
Third-Class CarriageDaumier 1862
Title of PieceStyleArtist
The Arrival of Marie de' Medici at MarseillesRubens 1622-1625
Pilgrimage to CytheraWatteau 1717
Flower Still LifeRuysch 1700
King Philip IV of SpainVelazquez 1644
The Water Carriers of SevilleVelazquez 1619
baldacchinoBernini 1624-1633
Nymphs and a SatyrBouguereau 1873
Third of MayGoya 1808
Self-PortraitVigee-Lebrun 1790
Francis IClouet 1525-1530
Family of Charles IVGoya 1800
The HaywainConstable 1821
EntombmentCaravaggio 1603
Landscape with Cattle and PeasantsLorrain 1629
Burial at OrnansCourbet 1849
Triumph of the Name of JesusGaulli 1676-1679
Self-PortraitRembrandt 1659-1660
Garden of Earthly DelightsBosch 1505-1510
Pauline Borghese as VenusCanova 1808
Luncheon on the GrassManet 1863
Death of SardanapalusDelacroix 1827
Anatomy Lesson of Dr. TulpRembrandt 1632
Death of MaratDavid 1793
Beata BeatrixRossetti 1863
Napoleon at the Penthouse at JaffaGros 1804
Scala Regia (Royal Stairway)Bernini 1663-1666
Oath of HoratiiDavid 1784
Burial of PhocionPoussin 1648

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