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Capillaries with big gaps so blood plasma comes in direct contact with organs
Capillaries with filtration pores
Leukocytes; protective
WBC that fight allergens and parasites
Eat bacteria and dead cells
Takes blood from digestive system to liver before putting it back in the circulation system
Indentation in wall separating L and R atria from fetus
Which has LESS smooth muscle and elastic fibers? Veins or arteries?
L atrioventricular valve aka
Carry blood away from heart
Middle layer of arteries
Inner layer of arteries
most common type of capillaries in body; tight, materials can't get out
Arteries that have a thick wall to withstand pressure
Important in immunity; triggered by vaccines to avoid getting diseases
Branch off aorta to supply blood to heart
Arteries that go to organs and organ systems
Carry blood to heart
Blood clotting
Brings in Oxygen poor coronary blood
Disorder with inability to transport O2 well
55% of blood; transportation
has iron and gives red color
At top of R Atrium; receives info from sympathetic and parasympathetic systems; pacemaker
Arteries that branch within organs
Connect veins and arteries
Small veins
muscular portion of heart wall
Least common WBC; releases histamine and stops external infection
most common WBC; eat and kill bacteria
Outermost layer of Arteries
R atrioventricular valve aka

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