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Can you name the AP Euro Ch. 22-24: Cultural History from 1848-1914?

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organisms mutating
evolution upset
scientist who invented theory of evolution and wrote origin of species
founder of genetics
believed in doctrine of positivism
discovered principles of vaccination, fermentation, and pasteurization
spread ideas of survival of the fittest
founder of psychoanalysis
developed first effective radio communication
invented first practical telephone
discovered caustive agents (bacteria) of diseases
studied cholera and contributed to the study of epidemiology
britain's cholera outbreak resulted in this new form of infratstructure
formulated the periodic table
created the theory of relativity
space and time are relative to earth's position in the universe
science is applied to
act passed to keep prostitutes from spreading STIs
theory that individuals, groups, and people are subject to the same darwinian laws of nature
three distinct interacting agents in psychic apparatus as defined by freud's structural model of the psyche
lack of harmony among musical notes
19th century art movement characterized by depiction of light and thick brush strokes
lack of usual social or ethical standards in an individual or group
an industrial process for obtaining sodium carbonate from limestone, ammonia, and brine
steel-making process
organized effort to limit or outlaw consumption and production of alcoholic beverages
the belief that women should stay at home and not do any work outside of the home
wrote the war of the worlds and the time machine
english writer and social critic of victorian era
author of war and peace
french impressionist painter who commonly painted nature scenes
painter of luncheon of the boating party
spanish cubist painter
use of simple geometric shapes, interlocking planes, and collages
dutch post-impressionist painter who painted starry night
german composer famous for complex operas and anti-semitic writings (a favorite of hitler)
composer of the nutcracker, sleeping beauty, swan lake
composer of the rite of spring and firebird
year eifel tower was built
the largest consumers

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