AP Euro Ch. 21- Age of Revolt

Can you name the AP Euro Ch. 21- Age of Revolt?

meeting of ambassadors of european states chaired by metternich
france joining the quadruple alliance of russia, austria, russia, and UK
identification with one's own nation and support for its interests
student fraternity of germany
series of decrees set by charles x of france to supress liberalism
doctrine passed by US president monroe that warns european nations that the US would not tolerate further colonization or puppet monarchs
political ideology that concerned the advancement of integrity and unity of slavic speaking peoples
system that was adopted by the major conservative powers of europe to maintain conservatism
political and moral philosophy based on liberty and equality
set of reactionary restricitions introduced by german confederation that suppressed liberalism
a system of government by one person with absolute power
first freely elected parliament for germany
coalition linking monarchs of austria, russia, and prussia
german association of states created by the congress of vienna
commitment to traditional values and ideas with opposition to change
english decrees to suppress liberalism
conference of quintuple alliance to discuss supressing the revolution in naples
collections of laws with the aim of modernizing the kingdom of hungary into a nation state
informal network of secret revolutionary societies active in italy
proposed law of economics that says that real wages always tend toward the minimum wage necessary to sustain the life of the worker
system of poor relief in england
successful political movement in great britain aimed at the abolition of the unpopular corn laws
art style emphasizing focus on emotions, celebration of nature, rejection of industrialization
economic political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit
economic political theory of social organization which advocates for the means of production to be distributed by the community as a whole
member of the british reforming party that saught the supremacy of parliament
a parliamentary borough with an electorate that couldn't represent all of people living in the area
a late 18th century german literary movement characterized by works containing rousing action and high emotionalism
ethical theories that promote actions that maximize happiness and well-being for affected individuals
upper middle class
conservative party in england
austrian diplomat at congress of vienna
russian emperor and diplomat of congress of vienna
king of france after the revolution and napoleon
second elected president of france
the liberator for the rights of irish people
uncle of archduke franz ferdinand who was also emperor of austria
conservative theorist
romanov emperor amid the decembrist revolt
king of france after louis xviii, supported conservative decrees
father of modern british policing
italian politician who spearheaded italian revolutionary movement
english diplomat at congress of vienna
philosopher who advocated social hierarchy and monarchy after french revolution
king of france from 1830 to 1848
nephew of napoleon and first oresident of france
english cleric who published his theory that population should be controlled
british philosopher who believed in utilitarianism
french philosopher and socialist thinker who founded utopian socialism
german philsopher and communist who owned large textile factories
british economist known for theory on wages and profit
french social philosopher who advocated for indsutrial socialism
prominent representative of the democratic opposition against leaders of french socialism
english philosopher known for utilitarianism
founder of utopian socialism
german economist who wrote the communist manifesto
french socialist writer who made important contributions to early feminist theory
english romantic poet
author of frankenstein
polish pianist of romantic era
french romantic artist who painted liberty leading the peopl
german romantic composer
author of les miserables
spanish romantic painter of the third of may
russian army protested against nicholas after the elder brother constantine removed himself from line of succession
parliament passed a law changing the british electoral systen
year of revolutions in itaky, france, germany, and austria
folklore and fairytale writers
years spanning age of revolt
the congress of vienna tried to supress what two movements
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