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TestPlayerBowling Analysis
South Africa v England, February 19579/113
India v Pakistan, February 199910/74
England v Australia, July 195610/53
England v Australia, February 19298/126
New Zealand v Australia, November 19859/52
England v South Africa, August 19949/57
England v Australia, July 19818/43
England v Australia, June 19348/43
Australia v England, June 19347/54
Australia v West Indies, December 19688/71
Sri Lanka v England, August 19989/65
Australia v England, February 19219/121
West Indies v India, March 19628/38
India v Australia, March 20018/84
Pakistan v Australia, March 19799/86
Australia v England, June 19728/53
England v Australia, January 19717/40
Pakistan v India, December 19828/60
South Africa v Australia, January 19946/43
Australia v West Indies, April 19557/44
South Africa v India, November 19968/64
England v Australia, December 19826/77
Australia v England, August 19307/92
Australia v Pakistan, December 19728/59
England v Australia, July 19569/37
England v New Zealand, January 19927/47
England v India, February 19807/48
Pakistan v England, November 19879/56
England v West Indies, March 19748/86
Australia v England, November 19467/60
Australia v England, June 19306/167
Pakistan v England, August 19546/46
Pakistan v West Indies, March 19596/66
West Indies v England, August 19768/92
TestPlayerBowling Analysis
England v Pakistan, June 19788/34
West Indies v Australia, December 19757/54
India v Pakistan, January 19807/56
India v Pakistan, January 19838/85
India v West Indies, January 19888/75
England v West Indies, June 19577/44
India v Australia, December 19599/69
England v West Indies, March 19745/70
England v Australia, August 19687/50
Pakistan v South Africa, February 19986/78
Australia v England, November 19948/71
South Africa v England, January 19107/94
England v West Indies, April 19948/75
England v West Indies, March 19547/34
England v South Africa, June 19557/39
South Africa v Australia, December 19527/81
Australia, v England, July 19026/53
South Africa v Zimbabwe, October 19958/71
England v South Africa, August 19986/42
England New Zealand, January 19768/76
South Africa v England, February 19287/29
India v England, February 19528/55
England v Australia, December 19986/60
West Indies v England, June 19636/98
England v Australia, June 19347/61
West Indies v Pakistan, March 19778/29
West Indies v Australia, January 19937/25
Australia v India, February 19927/27
West Indies v England, March 19686/60
New Zealand v India, December 19987/65
England v West Indies, June 19957/43
India v West Indies, December 19589/102
West Indies v Australia, January 19934/46
England v Australia, May 19058/107
TestPlayerBowling Analysis
Sri Lanka v South Africa, July 20007/84
Pakistan v West Indies, March 19586/67
India v Australia, March 20017/123
Australia v England, December 19907/51
Australia v West Indies, January 19897/46
England v Australia, December 19547/27
Australia v England, November 19466/82
Australia v Pakistan, November 19597/75
England v South Africa, July 19297/71
Pakistan v India, January 19995/93
Australia v England, July 19347/189
West Indies v England, April 19908/45
England v West Indies, August 19576/20
Australia v England, June 19728/84
Pakistan v Australia, February 19807/49
Pakistan v New Zealand, December 19957/56
India v Australia, March 20016/73
West Indies v England, March 19946/24
India v New Zealand, March 19658/72
England v South Africa, January 19577/36
New Zealand v Australia, March 19866/32
West Indies v England, August 19766/57
New Zealand v West Indies, December 19997/27
Australia v England, July 19616/70
Australia v England, February 19918/97
Pakistan v England, August 19826/32
Pakistan v England, August 19546/53
Pakistan v England, November 20008/164
England v West Indies, July 19637/44
England v Australia, February 19756/38
Australia v England, December 19207/69
India v Australia, March 20017/133

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