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Australia v England, January 1937270
West Indies v Australia, March 1999153*
England v West Indies, June 1991154*
England V Australia, July 1981149*
Australia v South Africa, February 1932299*
India v Australia, March 2001281
Australia v England, January 1898188
Pakistan v South Africa, February 1998132
Australia v West Indies, December 1981100*
West Indies v England, April 1994375
England v Australia, December 1903287
West Indies v England, February 1954220
Australia v West Indies, April 1991144
West Indies v Australia, March 1999213
Australia v England, January 1987184*
Pakistan v Australia, October 1994237
England v South Africa, February 1899132*
England v Australia, February 1951156*
Pakistan v West Indies, January 1958337
England v New Zealand, July 1965310*
West Indies v England, June 1984214*
Australia v South Africa, March 1997116
Australia v South Africa, October 1902159*
Pakistan v Australia, November 1995137
Australia v New Zealand, March 1974159*
Australia v West Indies, January 1976182*
South Africa v New Zealand, March 1953255*
West Indies v India, December 1983161*
Zimbabwe v Sri Lanka, October 1994266
India v England, June 1986102*
West Indies v Australia, November 1984139
Australia v England, March 1877165*
West Indies v Pakistan, February 1958365*
Australia v England, March 1885128
South Africa v England, January 190693*
England v Australia, August 1902104
Australia v England, December 1932103*
India v West Indies, January 197597*
West Indies v New Zealand, February 1987213
South Africa v Australia, February 1970274
Australia v England, June 1938232
West Indies v India, February 1979250
Pakistan v India, February 1999188*
Australia v West Indies, May 1995200
Australia v England, January 1959167
Australia v India, December 1985163
Australia v England, July 1930334
England v Australia, August 1938364
West Indies v Australia, April 1991226
Australia v England, January 1999123
West Indies v England, July 1966209*
Australia v India, January 1981204
England v India, December 1976179
Australia v England, January 1925201*
West Indies v England, July 1957191*
Australia v England, August 1948196
Australia v West Indies, December 1984173
South Africa v England, December 1999275
West Indies v England, March 1935270*
England v West Indies, March 1954205*
England v South Africa, June 1955112
Australia v New Zealand, March 1982176
West Indies v England March 1974302
Pakistan v South Africa, February 1998118
New Zealand v Sri Lanka, March 1997267*
Pakistan v England, July 1967187*
England v Australia December 1954102
Australia v England, January 1892134
Australia v England, February 1898160
West Indies v England, March 1981182*
Australia v England, July 1964160
England v Australia, January 1979150
England v West Indies, April 1981154*
India v England, August 1979221
England v New Zealand, March 1933336*
India v South Africa, December 1972129
West Indies v New Zealand, March 1969258
England v New Zealand, August 1983137*
West Indies v Australia, December 1968129
West Indies v India, December 1974192*
England v Australia, December 1954104
India v Australia, February 1981114
Australia v England, December 1979115
England v India, July 1990333
Australia v England, November 1982162
England v Australia, December 1936231*
Australia v India, January 1968165
India v Sri Lanka, February 1994152
England v West Indies, February 1974262*
England v Australia, December 1928251
Sri Lanka v India, February 1999242
South Africa v Pakistan, October 1997100*
England v Australia, August 1977191
West Indies v Pakistan, March 1959217
West Indies v England, August 1976291
India v West Indies, December 1983236*
Australia v South Africa, December 1910159
Australia v England, July 1938103
Australia v England, January 1908160
South Africa v England, June 1951208

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