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Monos means...
Who was the first hermit?
What are the two types of monasticism?
What is the Latin version of the Bible called?Latin Vulgate
Who was the founder of monastic communities?
What is the title of the person who leads the monastic community?
Where was the hermit life originated?
What is the vestment worn over the shoulders by some monks?
What is the movement of men and women away from the world to pursue holiness?
What did the scapular signify?
What does 'Supreme Pontiff' mean?
Who did the early monastics look to for guidance?
What are the three vows of the monastics?
Who was Augustine's mentor?
Who refused to give communion to Theodosius until he did weeks of public penance?
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Who was King of the Franks?
What is the term that means Christianity as the dominant organizational and cultural force in society?
Who ruled over the Byzantine Empire from 527 to 565?
Who was Benedict's sister who formed a monastery for women?
What was the official language of the mass during the Dark Ages?
what does Charlemagne mean?
Who were those that refused to convert to Islam?
Who crowned Charlemagne?
Who is the King of the goth tribe who took over the rule of Italy?
Who was taken captive by pirates and lived as a slave in Ireland?
Who founded Kildare?
Who called himself 'king of the franks'?
Who set up the Justinian Code?
Who were called the 'sea rovers'?
Who created the Slavic alphabet (Cyrillic)?

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