Can you name the CellBioTerms?

 Glycosylated protein have a total of _ glucoses removed and when this happens _ are released
 When the signal sequence is produced, it is recognized by a __ which is made up of six distinct poplypeptides and a small __ molecule of RNA.
 _ molecules examine glycosylated protein for quality control
 RER is especially well developed in cells that are highly __.
 The orientation of transmembrane proteins is for the more positive end of the polypeptide to be exposed to the _
 _ is critical for intermolecular interactions and for proper folding of proteins
 For multiple spanning transmembrane proteins, the first _ transmembrane section will determine how it is orientated and subsequent transmembrane sections will oreint at _ degree an
 Phospholipids of one type can concentrate in the area where a _ will form
 The signal sequence of the nascent peptide inserts into the _ and the pore opens
 O-linked oligosaccharides are put in the _
 Completed oligosaccharide is transferred as a block to the _ while the nascent protein is entering the _
 The __ moves stuff out of the cell.
 Some phospholipids are destined for the inner leaflet and are flipped by enzymes called
 SRP binding temporarily stops any further ___ ___
 __, __, and __ that stay in the endomembrane compartment are made on the RER
 _ and _ are inserted into new membranes as they are being formed inthe Er and then are used to form _ for virtually all of the sub-cellular organelles.
 The main intracellular pathways in cells include the ___ and an ____
 When the translocon is inactive there is a small __ plugging it, inhibiting passage of calcium and other ions between the _ and the _ of the ER.
 The RER is highly secretory cells is located at the __ level near the blood supply andthe secretory vesicles at the __ end where they can release their contents extracellularly.
 Phospholipid heads are modified enzymatically in the _
 Once attached, the signal sequences pass through the RER into the __ of the RER through a small channel
 Newly made phospholipids are carried to the _ _ in 'budded' vesicles
 RER and SER are __ with each other.
 List 5 cystolic proteins made on free ribosomes floating around in the cytosol
 Movements of __ in the cytoplasm are targeted to go to specific sites.
 Phospholipids of one membrane are transferred to another membrane by _ proteins
 In the lumen of the RER there are numerous _ and _
 _ have enzymes in them that can convert one phospholipid to another
 Transport vesicles have 'addresses' and receive sorting signals that are located in the __ of the vesicles.
 The SRP binds to the _ side of the RER
 _ and _ have signal sequences that allow the nascent peptides to enter the lumen of the RER for transport via vesicles to membrane-bound organelles and the plasma membrane.
 Polypeptides in RER may have _ residues in the reduced state
 The ___ is highly curved and tubular and traverses the cytoplasm.
 Once the polypeptide formation is complete and the polypeptide is in the _ of the RER, the pore is _ .
 __ occurs when molecules are placed into vesicles and discharged from the cell only when the cell receives a specific stimulus (signal).
 Ribosomes on the RER produce _ and _
 Ribosomes in the cytoplasm produce _, _, and _
 Sequence of adding sugards for N-linked oligosaccharides
 In producing the oligosaccharides to put on a polypeptide, the oligosaccharide is first constructed on a lipid molecule called _, which is embedded in the lipid bilayer
 A ___ moves to an ___, fuses with it and transfers its cargo
 Proteins that are going to be _ proteins or _ proteins are going to be made on the RER and enter into the _ of the RER
 Almost all proteins made on the RER become _
 If you look at the two lipid bilayers, the phospholipids are _. This is established in the _
 The arrangement of the sugars is dependent on the _ _ of the enzymes
 All __ are essentially identical and can be used to make cystolic proteins or proteins made on the RER
 As the integral membrane is made, it passes into the _
 The signal sequence contains _ to _ hydrophobic amino acids
 Only _ linked oligosaccharides are placed on polypeptides in the RER
 The __ moves stuff into the cell to various compartments.
 All membranes arise from _ membranes
 Most _ _ are made entirely in the _
 To be an integral membrane protein it has to have a _ region
 Highly secretory have (more/less) RER than non-secretory cells
 When oligosaccharides are attached to the modified, _ of the glucoses are removed
 RER is a network of __, or flattened sacs and is continuous with the __ which also has ribosomes on its cytoplasmic side.
 The SRP binds to a SRP receptor and the ribosome binds to a _.
 __ happens continuously, taking molecules to the plasma membrane.
 A sequence of amino acids, called __ that, when being made as a nascent polypeptide, direct the ribosome to attach to the ER.
 The RER is characterized by having __ on its surface.
 The SRP binds to the signal sequence of the _ polypeptide and to the _
 Phospholipids can be transported through the cytoplasm by _ to other organelles
 Sugars and their order and accomplished by a family of membrane-bound enzymes called
 Materials are shunted from one membrane compartment to another on tracks and are moved by ____.
 Encompasses those subcellular structures that are membrane bound and participate in production and delivery of materials within the cell and to the exterior of the cells.
 In the translocon, there are _(#)_ (hydrophilic/hydrophobic) amino acids located at its narrowest point.
 When the _ region of the polypeptide gets into the translocon, it can move _ in the lipid bilayer through a _ gate inthe side of the translocon
 When the _ terminus of the nascent peptide enters the _ of the RER, the signal is removed by the enzyme _ and _ are added to the polypeptide by the enzyme _
 The SER is extensively developed in __, __, and __
 _ and _ get completed in the Golgi complex
 The _ is a protein-lined channel in the ER membrane through which the nascent peptide can pass
 Disulfide bonds are made between the _ by the enzyme _.
 If a protein does not pass inspection from chaperones, a glucose is (added/removed) to the oligosaccharide, and reinspection occurs
 The kinds of sugars and their order is precise on _.
 Once the complex of __ binds to the ER, the SRP detaches from the SRP receptor.
 The __ lies just above the RER
 Once the oligosaccharides are attached to the polypeptide, they get _
 Most of the time the signal sequence is at the _ terminus of the nasenct peptide but sometimes it can be near the _ of the growing polypeptide
 The ___ is associated with the production of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids and encompasses various pathways taking materials to the plasma membrane, and to the Golgi complex,
 If glycosylation continuously fails, degradation of protein is called _
 The _ side of the membrane buds will be found on the _ of the target membrane.
 The __ of the ER is seperated fromthe cytosol by the ER membranes and contains very different materials than in the cytosol.
 Phospholipids are made on the _ side of the ER by _ proteins
 _ are modified as they move from the ER to other parts of the cell.
 Glycosyltransferases transfer a specific sugar from a _ sugar to the growing end of the _ chain
 Folding of the polypeptide and formation of disulfide bonds through the cysteine residues completes the _ structure of the polypeptide
 The first few __ being made from the mRNA decide that proteins will be made on free ribosomes or on RER

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