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Which prophet hid in a cave because the king wanted to kill him?
Prophet ______'s miraculous snake ate the snakes created by the court magicians.
Prophet Muhammad PBUH was directly decended from which prophet, Ismael or Ishaq?
Which prophet built an ark to escape a huge flood?
Who did Allah prevent from being sacrified by replacing him with a ram?
Which prophet was floated down the Nile by his mother to escape death?
Which prophet was raised in the household of Fir'aun (Pharoah)?
Which prophet was taken to the heavens by Allah so he wouldn't die?
Which prophet prefered being alone in nature to the company of people?
Who was the father of Prophets Ismael and Ishaq?
Which prophet could speak to and control animals?
Which century was Prophet Muhammad PBUH born in?
How many years did Prophet Muhammad preach to his people?
Who was the father of Prophet Yaqub?
Which prophet was given the Torah?
Who was the first prophet to sew?
Who was the first man?
Which prophet defeated the giant Jalut?
Who is the only prophet for whom Allah prevented the Sun from setting (during a seige)?
Which angel brought Allah's messages to all the prophets?
Which prophet hid in a cave and was hidden by a spider and a dove?
Which prophet's nation was punished with strong winds?
Which prophet did Allah talk to directly, other than Prophets Adam AS and Muhammad PBUH?
Who was Prophet Isa's mother?
Which prophet built the Ka'aba?
Where will Isa AS return (city)?
Which prophet was the first to read and write?
Which prophet spoke as a baby to defend his mother's honor?
Who was crucified in Prophet Isa's place?
Which prophet was in the belly of a whale?
Which prophet did Allah save from a burning fire?
Prophet _______ was Prophet Isa's cousin.
Which prophet parted the Red Sea to save his people?
Which prophet was tested by the loss of his health, family, and wealth?
Which prophet took care of Maryam AS?
What's the name of the oldest city of the world that Prophet Yushua conquered?
Prophets Ishaq and Lut were __________ (their relationship)
Which prophet will return to face Dajjal?
Who is called 'Khalilullah' (Friend of Allah) in the Quran?
How many brothers did Prophet Yusuf have?
What are the sayings of Prophet Muhammad PBUH called, Hadith or Seerah?
Who brought the Bani Israel out of their wanderings after Prophets Musa and Harun passed away?
To which prophet did Allah send a huge red camel to?
The _______ Sea is the sign of the punishment given to Prophet Lut's nation.
Prophet Lut's people lived in the city of ________, which was destroyed by 3 arch-angels.
Who did Allah reward for worship with unseasonal fruit?
Who was the first prophet?
Which prophet napped every afternoon so that he could pray all night?
Which prophet's people were punished by thunderous sound, earthquakes, and thunderstorms?
Who was given the titles 'Ameen' (trustworthy) and 'Sadiq' (truthful) by his people before receiving the prophethood?
Which prophet was given the Bible?
Who was the brother also given prophethood to help Prophet Musa?
What is the life story of Prophet Muhammad PBUH called, Hadith or Seerah?

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