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pros of computers
scholastic atmosphere of effective school
Characteristics of effective schools
Cons of computers
the termination of the biological functions that sustain a living organism
irreversible coma, with no detectable brain activity
moral foundations for euthanasia
political group more prone to being in favor of euthanasia
contreversial time when it is okay to euthanasia
emphasis on survival and reproduction
characteristics of ACADEMICALLY effective schools
withdrawal of treatment, or witholding of lifesaving treatment
use of drugs to kill someone or yourself
freudian perspective focusing on id, superego, ego. heavy emphasis on sex.
perspective focusing on shaping _______ and pioneered by skinner.
perspective concerning mental processes such as; creativity, perception, thinking and problem a person understands, diagnoses and solves problems.
process by which the casual relationships among variables can be seen. also used to test a hypothesis
an article in which an experiment is reviewed or a theory explored but no experiment is conducted.
an article concerning an empirical study done to test a hypothesis.

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