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Can you name the can you name the Inventors of Spells mentioned in the Harry Potter Series?

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Wizard who established the Committee on Experimental Charms.
Known for having created unique magical spells and devices. Also the only known user of a spell that stuns several people at once, bearing the sound of a gunshot
Invented the parchment jinx used for the DA
Created the *Inventor 4- Inventor 5* Braking Charm.
Created the *Inventor 4- Inventor 5* Braking Charm.
Unknown spell which resulted in her death. Unknown first name.
Medieval Wizard credited with the invention of many unpleasant jinxes and hexes.
The inventor of the Entrail-Expelling Curse.
Witch who first developed Memory Modifying Charms.
Invented the spell 'Morsmordre' as well as a number of Dark charms, Hexes and jinxes
Developed 'Revelaspell', a technique for analysing the ingredients of a potion. Unknown First Name.
Wizard who invented the Cushioning Charm in 1820.
Created quite a number of spells like 'Langlock', 'Levicorpus', 'Liberacorpus', 'Muffliato', 'Sectumsempra', and the Toenail Growth Hex .
Wizard who invented the Cheering Charm.
developed the *Inventors name* Sambata spell. Unknown First Name.
Works for the Committee on Experimental Charms at the Ministry of Magic

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