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Which character is an activist and vegetarian?
Who is Paige's best cheerleader friend?
Who was JT's last girlfriend?
Who has an already arranged marriage?
Who is Spinner's younger sister?
Who got addicted to meth?
Who was on tour with his band?
Who joined the army and got sent to Afghanistan?
Who was the mean girl who transferred from Lakehurst?
Who went to London for an internship?
Who became a stripper to pay rent?
Who tutored Holly J?
Who gave up her baby boy for adoption?
Who had to give up their basketball dreams?
Who had a fling with Jane?
Who is Darcy's younger sister?
Who posed for sexy pictures taken by Peter?
Who is diagnosed with Aspergers?
Who saved their alcoholic mother from a fire?
Paige, Ellie, and ____ shared a house together.
Which boy tried to kiss Peter?
Who had a band with Ashley and Terri in middle school?
Who spread gonorrhea to Emma?
Who had a video of them topless sent around the school?
Which girl joined the football team?
Who was Alli's first boyfriend?
Who rejected Holly J's 'fling'?
Who stole Clare's boyfriend?
Who was Holly J's best friend?
Who lives in a group home?
Who created the Holly J hate group online?
Who 'dated' Riley?

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