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And he wrote his first refrain . . .Alexander Hamilton
Fools who run their mouths off . . .Aaron Burr, Sir
A-L-E-X-A-N-D, E-R - we are . . .My Shot
Raise a glass to the four of us . . . The Story of Tonight
Burr, you disgust me . . . The Schuyler Sisters
Don't modulate the key . . .Farmer Refuted
When you're gone, I'll go mad . . .You'll Be Back
Can I be real a second? . . . Right Hand Man
Is it a question of if, Burr, or . . .A Winter's Ball
I'm about to change your life . . . Helpless
You strike me as a woman who has . . .Satisfied
'Cause if the tomcat . . .The Story of Tonight (reprise)
My mother was a genius, my father . . .Wait for It
Attack!Stay Alive
You have him turn around so . . .Ten Duel Commandments
You shot him in the side!Meet Me Inside
Will you relish being aThat Would Be Enough
We can end this war at Yorktown, . . .Guns and Ships
Let me tell you what I wish I'd known . . .History Has Its Eyes On You
Immigrants: . . .Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
You've been freed . . . What Comes Next?
We'll bleed and fight for you, . . .Dear Theodosia
This is the first murder trial of our brand-new nation . . . Non-Stop
I traveled the wide, wide world . . .What'd I Miss
Life, liberty and . . .Cabinet Battle #1
You can write rhymes . . .Take A Break
There's trouble in the air . . .Say No To This
Well, I arranged the meeting . . .The Room Where It Happens
You changed parties to run against my father-in-law . . .Schuyler Defeated
Who provided those funds? . . .Cabinet Battle #2
Southern motherf***in' . . . Washington On Your Side
I'm stepping down . . .One Last Time
Jesus Christ . . .I Know Him
As long as he can hold a pen . . .The Adams Administration
To a Mr James Reynolds way back in . . .We Know
I didn't drown . . .Hurricane
Well, he's never gon' . ..The Reynolds Pamphlet
In clearing your name . . .Burn
If you had only heard the s**t he said about you . . Blow Us All Away
Even before we got to ten . . .Stay Alive (reprise)
He is working through . . . It's Quiet Uptown
And they say I'm a Francophile . . .The Election of 1800
I am not the reason . . .Your Obedient Servant
I'll be back before . . . Best of Wives and Best of Women
But look it up, . . .The World Was Wide Enough
Every other founding father gets . . .Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

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