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The predominant religion in Peninsular Malaysia before the arrival of Islam.
Last Kedahan Hindu king. Converted to Islam. Renamed as Sultan Mudzafar Shah I.
The name of the then-largest Buddhist Empire in Southeast Asia, has rivalry with Majapahit Empire
The legendary Chinese Muslim sailor whom became the envoy of China to Malacca. As a result, Malacca was recognized as a kingdom by the Emperor of China.
The Hindu King from Malacca that converted to Islam after his marriage with the princess of Pasai.
The Christian priest whom pioneered the spread of Christianity to Asia in the 16th century, hadvisited Goa(India), Portuguese Malacca, Shangchuan(China) and Japan.
First La Sallian school in Malaysia, founded by Christian missionaries
A Malayan writer & teacher with Yemeni ancestry, whom wrote books about his visit to Kelantan & his pilgrimage to Mecca.
An Islamic group in Malaya emerged after WWII, disbanded by the British during the Malayan Emergency era, believed to be the forefather of the islamic party, PAS.
Head of Islam in Malaysia
Largest Hindu Shrine in Malaysia
Besides Buddhism, Confucianism & folk religion, another popular religion followed by Malaysian Chinese
Religion adherent by most of the indigineous people in Sarawak like the Iban people
Oldest mosque in Malaysia
Oldest Protestant church in Malaysia
Largest Chinese Temple in Southeast Asia, located in Air Itam, Penang
Harvest festival celebrated by the Iban people

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