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Questions on The Walking Dead Season 7 up to the mid season premiere

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On the season premiere name one of the two characters that Negan killed
When Negan takes Rick on a trip in the RV what weapon does he tell Rick to retrieve from the top of the RV
At the end of this episode Rick nearly has to cut off Carl's ____
When Morgan and Carol arrive at 'The Kingdom' in episode two, what is the name of their leader?
What is the name of his pet tiger?
When Ezekiel meets with the Saviours what does he give them?
In episode three we see Daryl as a prisoner. Who is assigned to watch over/feed him?
One song plays continuously throughout this episode in Daryl's cell. The name of it is 'We're On ____ Street'
When Daryl is asked 'Who are you?' what is his reply?
Episode four starts of with Rick admitting Judith is not his daughter. Who is her father?
When Negan comes to collect supplies he threatens to kill Olivia if how many guns are not found?
Dwight tells Rosita to go find Daryl's what?
In episode five we go to Sasha and Maggie who have been living where?
Who is the leader of this group?
When the Saviours come to collect supplies from this place who leds the group?
Episode six focuses on which character?
When the character wakes up they find themselves where?
She is found by a girl named what?
At the start of episode seven Carl guns down how many of Negan's men?
We are introduced to Negan's many wives and discover one of them is ____ Dwight's ex wife
Negan tells Carl to remove his bandage and sing him a song. Fill in the missing word of the song Carl sings. 'You are my _____'
In the mid season finale we pick up with Rick and Aaron who have been scavenging for supplies. When they find a hut the only way the get there is by ___
While Rick is away another character tries to convince Negan that they are better suited the the role of leader. What character is this?
After this person gets killed by Negan Rosita fires a bullet to try and kill Negan but instead it hits what object?
As a result of this which character gets shot?

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