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Who said ' Believe in yourselves. Dream. Do good?'He is a teacher.
What is Frankie's nickname?
What is Shawn's father?He went around the world.
What season did Cory and Topanga go on their first date?
Why does Topanga call off the wedding?She said why in season 7.
Who is Frankie's best friend?His nickname is ____ the rat.
Who said ' Love is faith?'It was in season 4.
What is topanga's parents names?
What is Cory's little brother's name?He was the little suprise.
What is Eric's middle name?Jack said it in season 6.
Where does Eric, Topanga, Shawn, and Cory go at the end of the series?Cory was mad about going in season 7.
Do Cory and Topanga get married?It was in season 7.

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