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DISCLAIMER This quiz involves spoilers about Season 4. DO NOT do this quiz unless you have seen all of the recent 2017 episodes.

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What is the name of the actor who plays Sherlock Holmes?
In the first series, who is the mastermind behind Sherlock's main cases?
What is the name of the café next to 221B Baker Street?
What was Mrs Hudson's late husband excecuted for?
In 'The Final Problem' who does Sherlock say 'I love you' too?
On the DVD left for Sherlock and John by Mary, what does she call them?
What does the name 'Euros' mean?
What was the name of Sherlock's childhood bestfriend?
What was the code for Irene Adler's safe?
What is the name of Mary and John's daughter?
What are the initials on the USB drive Mary gives John?
Through which mutual friend did Sherlock and John meet?
What is Detective Lestrade's first name?
Why does Sherlock say spent months in a drug den?
In the Blind Banker, why does Sherlock deduce Van Coon to have been murdered and not commited suicide?
What year was Sherlock first aired?
When is Sherlock's birthday?
Where do Moriarty, Sherlock and John meet for the first time?
What was the code word Sherlock texted Mycroft before jumping off St Barts?
What is the name of Molly Hooper's boyfriend who looks similar to Sherlock?
In 'The Lying Detective' what message is imprinted on the paper left by Faith?
Where is Euros kept?
In 'A Study in Pink' what does Sherlock claim to be missing from the crime scene of Jennifer Wilson?
Why do John and Mary call their daughter Rosamund?
The problems of your past are your business, the problems of your future are my …'
Who's real life parents play Mycroft and Sherlock's parents?
What is Mary Watson's maiden name?
Mycroft Holme's umbrella doubles as what two weapons?
In 'The Hounds of Baskerville' what is the name of Kirstie's pet?
In response to Anderson's psychopathic insult, what does Sherlock claim he is?
What do Euros and Sherlock share in common?
What is Jim Moriarty's ringtone?
What was Mary's former job?
What game does John refuse to play with Sherlock?
In the final scene of 'The Final Problem' where does Mary say you will always find her Baker Street Boys?

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