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Can you name the skull foramen that each structure runs through??

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Inferior petrosal and sigmoid sinuses
Hypoglossal nerve (CN XII)
Mandibular nerve (CN V3)
Middle meningeal artery and vein
Nasal emissary vein
Oculomotor nerve (CN III)
Anterior and posterior spinal arteries
Dural veins
Emissary vein that passes from sigmoid sinus to vertebral veins in neck
Optic nerves (CN II)
Internal carotid artery and plexuses
Mastoid emissary vein from sigmoid sinus
Axons of olfactory cells in olfactory epithelium that form olfactory nerves (CN I)
Ophthalmic veins
Medulla and meninges
Ophthalmic nerve (CN V1)
Meningeal branch of Mandibular nerve (CN V3)
Vertebral arteries
Superior bulb of internal jugular vein
Maxillary nerve (CN V2)
Vagus nerve (CN X)
Trochlear nerve (CN IV)
Meningeal branch of occipital artery
Glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)
Abducent nerve (CN VI)
Accessory meningeal artery
Accessory nerve (CN XI)
Ophthalmic arteries
Meningeal branches of ascending pharyngeal and occipital arteries

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