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Can you name the word or words that completes the following country full names?

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Conventional Long Form Country NameCompletion
Hashemite Kingdom of
Sultanate of
Democratic Socialist Republic of
United States of
[completion] Republic
United [completion] States
Democratic People's Republic of
[completion] Confederation
Great Socialist People's [completion] Arab Jamahiriya
Bolivarian Republic of
[completion] Arab Republic
State of
People's Republic of
Federative Republic of
[completion] People's Democratic Republic
Democratic Republic of
People's Democratic Republic of
Federal Republic of
Socialist Republic of
Conventional Long Form Country NameCompletion
Plurinational State of
Arab Republic of
Grand Duchy of
Commonwealth of
Cooperative Republic of
United Arab
Kingdom of
United Republic of
Principality of
Islamic Republic of
[completion] Federation
Federal Democratic Republic of
United Kingdom of
Oriental Republic of
Independent State of
Federated States of
Federation of
Union of

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