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Year of Birth
Mother's ethnicity
Offence for which Fry was imprisoned as a teenager
University at which Fry studied
Best friend, early comedy partner and well-known TV actor
Oscar-winning actress who introduced them
That actress friend famously described Fry's sexuality as '90% _______, 10% other'
Mental illness from which Fry suffers
Noel Gay musical which Fry successfully rewrote in 1984
Television Series in which Fry variously starred as Lord Melchett, the Duke of Wellington and General Melchett
Literary butler famously portrayed by Fry
Best-selling series of fantasy novels for which Fry recorded the audiobooks
British Royal who invited Fry to his second wedding
Car which Fry famously drives
1997 film. Fry said he was 'born to play' the lead role and was nominated for a Golden Globe
2005 dystopian comic book film in which Fry plays gay comedian and talk show host Gordon Deitrich.
2013/4 films in which Fry plays the Master of Laketown
2014 US drama series in which Fry plays Prime Minister Alastair Davies
Intellectual TV panel show Fry has hosted since 2003
Website on which Fry has over 4 million followers
University which appointed Fry as its Rector.
Fry's fiancé - they anounced their engagement in December 2014.

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