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Can you guess the other half of these compound words containing 'dog'?

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Word or PhraseMissing WordDefinition
___ + DOGa strong fighting dog e.g. a rottweiler pitbull cross
DOGS + ___a person given menial tasks – a gopher
___ + DOGa hybrid between a coyote and a dog
DOG + ____the fruit of the dogwood tree
DOG + ____showing signs of wear and tear, especially at the corners
DOG + ____(slang) a US infantryman
DOG + ____close combat between military aircraft
DOG + ____a type of small shark
DOG + ____a mild expletive
____ + DOGlooking dejected, guilty, shamefaced
____ + DOGGERa skier or surfer who performs tricks
DOG + ____where someone is said to be if they are waiting to be forgiven
DOG + ____a series of sharp sudden bends in a route
____ + DOGan old sailor
DOG + ____an entrant into the Iditarod
____ + DOGa bright spot in the sky caused by ice in the atmosphere
DOG + ____a small checked pattern with notched corners
____ + DOGa competitor who isn't deemed to have much chance in the contest
____ + DOGa group that monitors an industry to make sure the companies are being fair
____ + DOGan aquatic North American salamander

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